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Birding Reports - India


  Dates 5/1/1999 Place Agartala
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India is home to 5000+ species of birds. With her great diversity of mountains,forests and grasslands it forms one of the largest eco-system on this planet. 5/1/1999
Place College Tilla lake and the woody areas behind it, Agartala, India  
Weather Bright sunny winter day (25 C).
Comment The woody areas behind the lake and the grassland often hide cattle egrets, storks and crested kingfishers. The fountains caused by a thousand whistling ducks diving below the lak surface is a spectacular site.
Birds Whistling Duck must be 1000 !
Night Heron 8
Bitteren 1
Stork 16
Green Parrot 25
Pied Kingfisher 3
Crested Kingfisher 2
Common Kingfisher 1
Large Woodpecker 1

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