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If U like being outdoors, enjoy lush green meadows with it's burbling stream, like to breath clean air while watching the kingfisher dive in the water, wonder at the kite soaring high in the blue sky - this page will definitely be of interest to U.

U will find stories about our travel, camping, birding, hiking, fishing and a few culinary wonders. And oh, also lots of nature, wildlife and travel photos.

Hope U have a fun time.

Santanu and Mouli Nag

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About us

We (Santanu and Mouli) come from the North Eastern state of Tripura, India.Most of our travel stories are around Tokyo, where we are currently residing.

As U might have noticed - taking recluse into nature forms our favourite pastime. We will try to keep our site evergreen by posting more stories and photos as days go by.

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