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Paneer balls in thick milk.



It's a very simple dessert with fruits.Takes only minutes and kid's love it.


Sweety Potatoes

Sweet potatoes in sugar syrup.












2 litre - milk
4 tbsp - sugar
1 cup - sugar
3 cup - water
Juice of 2 lemon


To make paneer:
In a pan put milk (1 litre) to boil. Just before it boils, add lemon juice. The milk will curdle.
Strain through a muslin.The curds left is called paneer. Now place the paneer along with the muslin under a weight for 2 - 3 hours to squeeze out as much as water possible. Dry it with kitchen tissue.

Knead the paneer till soft and creamy. Make small balls, size of chewing gum.
Separetely boil milk (1 lit) with 4 tbsp sugar till the milk thickens. Meanwhile make sugar syrup with sugar and water. Boil it, add paneer balls and boil again till the balls are soft and fluffy. Now transfer the balls to the milk. Boil again, 2-3 times may be, till U get a thickened creamy consistency.

To make the paneer, instead of lemon juice vinegar can be used.
Variations - While boiling the balls in the milk, break them. Add finely chopped cashews and raisins, boil the milk with them. U've got a new recipe - Kheer.

Serves 4 - 5.










1 can - fruits
500 ml - mitsuya cider.


In a bowl put all the fruits along with the juices, pour mitsuya cider over them, and that's all.

Instead of mitsuya cider use any soda with little sugar in it.
I'm sure fresh fruits will also do except banana perhaps. But be sure to boil the fruits in sugar syrup.












Sweety Potatoes



500 gm - sweet potato
2 1/2 tbsp - plain flour
80 gm - khoya
2 cup - sugar
2 cup - water.


Boil the potatoes, peel them, mash. Add the flour, knead till smooth. Make 16 balls.
Put filling of khoya inside every ball and make it oblong - shaped.
Meanwhile make sugar syrup. Now fry the balls, add to the hot syrup. Let them soak for an hour or two. Serve.

Tip - U can make khoya with very little effort.Bake 1 cup milk powder, 1/2 cup fresh cream, 1/2 tin condensed milk for 10 minutes at 180 degrees, then 5 minutes at 200 degrees to brown it.Be careful to stir it every now and then.

Serves 8





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